Should say my son is in the best hands & without the therapist my son wouldn't have been a happy child. She knows what to work on and how to. Team

Our therapist began working with my son when he was 4 years old. He wasn't using enough vocabulary or speaking in full sentences at that point. During her sessions, I realised that if the right techniques and tools were used, he actually listened more effectively and felt confident to speak. The conducive environment, warmth, and individual attention has improved his confidence significantly.....

The relationship built over these years has enabled me as a parent too. I have learned to provide the balance between challenge and support for him to develop expressive language. Our therapist has educated me in so many ways about communication, structure, and motivation. I am a better parent to my son because of this therapy. He is a happier and more fulfilled child when he is around her. In or outside the centre, our therapist is a great support and it's a bond we are thankful for.

I am so thrilled with the role our therapist plays in my son’s development and also for working so hard to ensure continuity in spite of a pandemic! Forever thankful and grateful for your guidance, help, kindness and understanding my son better than me and listening to me vent 😅

Excellent service and support from the therapists during covid time also. We are away but could still get the help that was required.

Thank you for showering your support, love and care for D! Day one the child is addicted to her therapist. She is so approachable, knows her work, and knows exactly how to get it out from the child. Thank you for always being there for us!

You fill us with a lot of hope and positivity !!!!! Very encouraging. Keep up the good work!!!! 🙂

Kudos to the Pollyanna team. My child has come a long way with their guidance and classes. Always provided a listening ear to support parents and connect with the child.

Our therapist’s passion and patience is commendable. She has got my son R to a level that I would never have imagined. She knows her stuff well. She has never asked me to buy or invest in expensive materials, instead, she uses resources innovatively and always involves parents to practice. The group sessions are fabulous. We are thankful beyond words for all that R has learned and continues to learn.

Our sessions at Polyanna have been a great experience. The therapists here are so dedicated to their job. They fabulously worked upon my son's every issue, understanding them deeply and were able to fill all the development gaps which my son had. My son has enjoyed every session and rather always waited for his sessions. They are pretty innovative with their ideas and have a deep level of commitment towards their work which helped my son to become a high functioning kid in true terms."

Speech Therapy has been a wonderful experience. They truly care about each child and it really shows. The therapist has creative ways to keep my 8-year boy engaged.

Pollyanna is the perfect place to take your child to see them improve by leaps and bounds. Not only is every member of their family always smiling and so warm towards the children, but they're prompt and to the point regarding what needs to be achieved and what can be done to get there.

I took my son for speech therapy here, but we worked on many other aspects of his development too and that has helped a lot! He's a happier baby for the same! Thanks, pollyanna!

Pollyanna practice has made a tremendous difference in my son’s life. The efforts that they put in are nothing short of remarkable. I truly appreciate and endorse the fantastic work that they do every single day, enriching lives. Thank you

Our therapist has with her immense talent, skill, industry and understanding of speech and language challenges nurtured our daughter and many other children to unexpected heights in their ability to speak and communicate. We have been working with our therapist for about 5-6 years now. And from the beginning, we knew that her level was on par and probably higher than the speech and language therapists we have worked with abroad.....

That is of course unusual simply because remedial therapy has been in vogue in the USA much before it became available in India and they have so much more experience. Yet, with her, we never felt this to be the case. She has improved our daughter from a point of being barely verbal to someone who can carry on conversations on varied topics with confidence and a wide vocabulary. A lot of that credit is down to the therapist......

She has also become a confidante for us and whenever we have any general education-related questions we know we will get valuable insights from her. Having witnessed so many of her one on one and group sessions she really does know how to control the kids in an engaging and disciplined way and gives them some really interesting challenges. She tells them where and how to improve and when they’ve done well......

A compliment from the therapist means something and that makes them want to try harder and take her suggestions on board. Even on virtual platforms, our daughter continued to benefit. Our therapist is an essential part of our ongoing developmental journey but the best part is that we and she keep raising that bar and we have the conviction that our daughter will reach those levels. We strongly recommend her to anyone even if the kids do not have any specific developmental challenges......