What is our therapeutic approach?

Holistic & Positive

We start by observing and understanding our clients holistically and in a very comprehensive manner.

While acknowledging and actively working on the challenges of our clients, we choose to apply a positive approach by focusing on their strengths in different areas.

Personalized & Integrated Approach

We curate a personalized and integrated (with other therapies) approach based on our assessment of the client’s strengths and needs.

We keep our client at the centre of this personalized program and use our scientifically based best practices, methods and techniques to work with them.

Taking it Outside

Generalization and transfer of skills in the real world is our priority, hence we work by empowering our client and their whole community (i.e. parents, school, family, friends) through constant engagement and collaboration.

We believe that communicating with and building capacity of the parents/family is crucial to our practice.