Ridhika Shah

Founder Speech-Language Therapist 

My Strengths

I have a special interest in language-based challenges and auditory processing (listening) difficulties related to children with Autism spectrum disorders and Apraxia of speech. I believe that language and movement go hand in hand and my style of therapy is holistic, experiential, with parent empowerment being a cornerstone of my approach. I also love to work with children with feeding difficulties and picky eaters, understanding their needs, as I have faced similar challenges in my childhood.
I am experienced in actively working with other professionals in our client’s community including schools to support with the transfer and generalization of skills into the real world and inclusion within the community.

School-based therapy is another area of interest mine and I owe my learning to the Gateway School of Mumbai, a pioneering lab school that uses best practices for children with learning difficulties.

My Beliefs

I am a passionate believer in the power of positivity, and I try to imbibe the same in my practice. Dream big, act towards it and magic follows!

My Interests

During my Master’s degree, I constructed a test of pragmatic skills for children of the age range of 5-10 years which led to my love of working towards building pragmatic/ social-communication skills in groups and their transfer into real life. Currently, I am the Coordinator of Grandstand, a unique social space at Gateway, where large groups of children share, enjoy, and communicate with each other and are also taught to transfer various 21st-century skills (i.e collaboration, problem-solving, etc) to real-life experiences.

My Qualifications

Ridhika Shah is the founder of The Pollyanna Practice. She is also a consulting Speech-Language Therapist and the ‘Grandstand Coordinator’ at ‘The Gateway School of Mumbai’

Ridhika holds a Bachelors’s and Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology from TN Medical College & B.Y.L Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai, and is a gold medalist in the state of Maharashtra for her final year graduation program. She is certified by the Rehab Council of India and is a member of ISHA (Indian Speech & Hearing Association). She has also received training and is certified by Hanen. Ridhika is a PROMPT trained therapist and is certified for Oral Placement Therapy and the Sensory Motor approach to Apraxia, Feeding therapy- A sensorimotor approach by Talk Tools to name a few. Previously, she has held the post of Coordinator of the Speech and Language Therapy department at the Gateway School of Mumbai and has work experience in hospitals and private centers in Mumbai.